Comfortable babies & children's clothes and sheets from durable fabric materials that can decompose in soil.

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Disposable biodegradeable

Fashion clothes for kids!

Just pull-out clean&new and get rid of the dirty one!
Just like diapers!

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A unique ecological product that can change parent's lifestyle in comfortable & easy way! Guaranteed !

Poomipoo's story started in 2015, when the idea of integrating parental convenience with comfortable designed clothes for babies & children,  begun to team up with the ecological call movement. 

The desire to dress our children in a comfortable, yet designed and clean clothes for the playground, and just let them play freely, combined with the idea to pull-out a clean clothes from an easy lightweight case, and to get rid of the dirty one (without asking ourselves  how to get rid of the stains?)
This got Poomipoo to start a research and look for comfortable fabric materials that are biodegradable in nature and can't harm our valuable universe. 
From the very beginning our ambition has been to unload the burden of under stress parents and make room for precious time.
After all the Washing machine was invented for that reason and in 1947 the disposable diapers were invented. And these two our integral parts of parenthood. 
We asked ourselves, why not strilized disposable crib sheets?
Can parents stroll around with a lightweight clothes case in their handbag or backpack? Can they leave one package ar the children's daycare for extra clothes?
Why not give up the idea of laundry day-after-day and endless folding?

Poomipoo offers Comfortable clothes from durable fabric materials that can decompose in soil.
When stacks of old fashioned, non decomposed clothes, is one of the ecological problems of our universe, Poomipoo offer fashionable clothes from decomposed fabric. 

Clothes or sheets in a case and in different sizes , just like diapers!

Our portfolio includes: Babies clothes boys/girls from newborns to age 5 years, Sheets in sizes of bassinet, crib, Bath robes in sizes newborn to 5 year, Cloth diapers, Birth gif packages, Etc.

In Poomipoo we have a strong focus on high quality, durable fabric, comfort & style. 

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